About Us

Hi! I’m Heidi Ryder, head Freedom Finder here at Healthy Books LLC. We specialize in bookkeeping services for Chiropractors because we know firsthand how chiropractic care changes lives. 

Chiropractors are brilliant at helping people live their healthiest lives and find freedom in total wellness. But when it comes to their practice, no one has told them how to have a healthy business.

My passion as the head Freedom Finder is educating each chiropactor/owner in the key numbers to watch that help you find freedom in your practice. As a team, we obsess over the details and free you to focus on the community.

Healthy Books make a Healthy Business! 

Our Vision

Every successful chiropractor avoids the hat rack effect. 

Let us free you from some of the hats so your hat rack doesn’t topple!

Our Team

Heidi Ryder

Head Freedom Finder

Leah Jarratt

Pro team member

Feeling trapped?

Do you know if your practice is healthy? We can help!